stuff for crazy gamers:

TL: 8

CL (control level) 2-3 (depends)

Starting points: 100 (max of -40)

Requirements: your character must be a nerd (take game magic the gathering (not to hard right?)) OR if you talk to me (and know the rules well) then you can be a witch (mage in my world)

No basic attributes or secondary characteristics under 6 (please)
No exotic or supernatural advantages/devastates (cepet for mages (talk to me blab la bla))
No modifiers (please the math hurts!)
Feel free to make your character a “supper nerd” that’s really into something like oh say medieval weapons (might be useful in combat)
No taking things that make no sense! Your 20year old character nerd dos not have 20 points in interrogation (not unless you can somehow justify it VERY well)

Deadpooland pinkie pie

fairway: the city of magic

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